The Florida Aviation Business Association's mission is to engage, educate, and support the association's diverse membership of businesses, airports, and industry stakeholders and to promote, protect, and advocate for general aviation and business aviation in the State of Florida.

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Through active membership participation, FABA members work hand in hand with communities to attract commerce to their areas by promoting the continued growth of community airports.

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“Pensacola Aviation Center has been and will continue to be a member of the Florida Business Association for a myriad of reasons. In today’s General Aviation world of government involvement / regulation / cooperation in our industry, technical and logistical evolution of our industry, and talented people working in our industry, I see no better vehicle than FABA for staying current, learning, and having a positive impact.”

Bill Hudgens, President
Pensacola Aviation Center

“AMCG is a member of FABA to learn about the general aviation issues affecting Florida and the proactive initiatives that FABA is taking to positively address these issues, and interact with FABA members in a professional and social environment."

Jeff Kohlman, Managing Principal
Aviation Managment Consulting Group, Inc.

“FABA has been the voice of business aviation in Florida since 1946 and continues to make remarkable strides in protecting and promoting our industry in Florida. In today’s business and political climates, it is more imperative than ever for industry stakeholders to be active participants in regional groups and grassroots efforts impacting our state and beyond.” 

Jenny Showalter, Manager, Candidate Services
Aviation Personnel International
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