Monday, March 30, 2015

WipaireSeaplane or landplane, Husky or Twin Otter, Wipaire invites you to experience our world class service at our Leesburg service center on the Leesburg International Airport (KLEE). This location offers aircraft and float maintenance, avionics service, float installations and installations of many Wipaire modifications.

AOPA is calling on its members to take immediate action to build support for new legislation that would reform the third class medical process and provide other protections for general aviation pilots.

The FAA needs to be more efficient and move more swiftly to complete critical projects in order for the United States to maintain its gold standard in aviation safety.

Registration is open for the 2015 FABA Annual Conference and Trade Show, June 8th and 9th in Orlando.

The excitement and energy generated by FABA’s State Sales Tax Exemption Bill in Tallahassee is palpable. Eliminating sales tax on aircraft sales would be a huge win not just for FABA, but for the aviation industry as a whole.

All of us in Florida continue today to benefit from the recent changes in Florida Law allowing sales tax free aircraft parts and maintenance bills! This change was successfully proposed and supported by FABA’s great Tallahassee lobbying staff’s efforts. The savings in taxes and/or the increase your customer’s have experienced in purchasing power due to this marvelous development have made or saved each of us dozens of times the cost of FABA membership! Your 2015 dues will help insure that our vigilance in Tallahassee can continue and strengthen.

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