A Message from the FABA President

I hope this message reaches you in perfect health and good spirits; however, I am aware that the world around us has created unforeseen challenges affecting not only global commerce, but also our families, friends and colleagues’ well-being. In the wake of the COVID-19 impact, we want you to know that we are committed to supporting you and the business aviation community during this time of uncertainty.

We are sorry to announce  the annual FABA Conference held in June has been cancelled.  Currently there is no rescheduled date in 2020.

FABA is still here.  We are still committed to our role of being the recognized driving force of legislation favorable to Florida business aviation.  As we rebuild our future, one thing is very clear and that is industry change.  It is time to strengthen our focus!  We promise to further strive to listen and represent the concerns and celebrations surrounding our industry and reflect them in our business initiatives.

Thank you for your continued trust in us and we wish you the best health and safety now and always.


Chris Rosensteel
FABA President

An FBO "Making a Difference, One Mask at a Time"

Reliance Aviation | September 22, 2020

Reliance Aviation, an independent Fixed-Base Operator located at Miami Executive Airport (KTMB) for over 20 years has gained attention on social media for its latest fundraising effort that is quite literally “making a difference, one mask at a time.” Miami-Dade County has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, and along with other businesses within the aviation industry, this FBO knows firsthand the challenges faced through times of uncertainty. Despite these obstacles, Reliance Aviation is continuing to make meaningful contributions to their South Florida Community through their latest fundraising event “Masks for Meals Miami.” The purchase of each mask, combined with the effort to keep its community safe, will also help Reliance Aviation with its overall contribution to one of South Florida’s leading hunger relief organizations. Due to the popularity of the fundraiser, the FBO had to place an additional order within just days of starting the event to keep up with the outpour of generosity and support. Brad Nojaim, the General Manager of Reliance Aviation expressed “Having been at Reliance Aviation for almost 12 years now and as a Miami native, I feel truly grateful to see the positive impact our event is going have on our community. I would like to sincerely thank each and every person who has helped and continue to make this event possible and look forward to helping provide as many meals as we can to those in need.”

If you would like to support Reliance Aviation in this fundraising effort they have created a tab on their website (www.reliance-aviation.com) to accept online orders. Each mask is just $6.00 with tax and shipping included. Design options for these black and white masks include the Reliance Aviation logo, as well as a popular design called “Airplane Mode” depicting an aircraft wearing a mask. 

Towards the end of their fundraising event, the FBO will be posting a video on LinkedIn and Facebook through the hashtag #MasksForMealsMiami to share their overall contribution and a special announcement to conclude the event. If you would like to find more information on Reliance Aviation you can also follow them on social media to stay in touch with announcements for future events.

In late November, Reliance Aviation also begins its annual toy drive to help provide donations for the EIG-Watson School of Aviation’s “Holiday Flight to Remember” a fundraising event which also takes place at Miami Executive Airport. A toy drive donation box can be found in their main lobby and the event welcomes unwrapped gifts for children ranging in ages 4-14. More information on this event can also be found on their website. This FBO knows the importance of taking care of its local community, as they say at Reliance Aviation, they are truly “going for greatness, by giving back.”

July Business Update

Signature Flight Support Launches SignatureAssure Program

Chris Rosensteel | July 14, 2020

Today, more than ever, choice of FBO matters. With over 200 locations in 27 countries, Signature has the scope, scale and experience to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience. Customers have come to trust and expect our industry-leading approach and we are investing in the latest technology to ensure the health and safety of our team members, our flight crew guests, and the traveling public.  We've launched the SignatureAssure program to ensure that we provide the cleanest, safest facilities in the private aviation industry. Comprised of standardized protocols that combat the spread of COVID-19, you can trust Signature is taking extra steps at every locations across our worldwide network to ensure your health and safety.

Learn more at: https://www.signatureflight.com/events/open-for-business

Wolcott & Associates, P.A. Adapts to New COVID-19 Working Environment

Sue Folkringa, CPA | July 17, 2020

Our clients are aircraft owners and operators, some of whom we prepare sales tax returns for. As you might expect, the flying really declined during march and April, be we could see an increase in May and June. Calls from potential purchasers of aircraft continued, but we saw a big increase in calls from those who wanted to purchase smaller aircraft - anything to get away from traveling on the airlines! 

For the month of June, we saw a big increase in flights provided by our charter customers. This was very encouraging news to see.

If there's positive news to report from the pandemic, I'd say it's forced us to work in new ways that will benefit our customers in the future. Like everyone, our group at our office had to adjust to a new work-world. Some of our employees chose to continue to work at our office location since we have adequate space to stay safe distances from each other, while others chose to work at home. Although we do plenty of consulting work which is typically done over the phone, our primary product is paper-work. Our biggest challenge was to get work processed, reviewed and delivered without having to physically exchange files, since some of our client files are still maintained on paper. After a couple of months, we're pleased at the progress we've made to better maintain our files so we, and our clients, can access them anywhere, anytime. 

Air Law Office, P.A. Reports Uptick in Sales as Market Rebounds

Keri Dowling | July 16, 2020

Four months of COVID-19 has certainly impacted aircraft sales.  Keri and her team at Air Law Office, P.A. have been keeping busy with helping aircraft owners get aircraft in for maintenance and upgrades, shuffling operations and getting crew recurrency scheduled.  Aviation is a strong industry and sales are gearing up again and the market seems to be rebounding a bit.  We’ll be glad to get to some semblance of normalcy in Q3 and Q4.

Aviation Personnel International (API) Offers Your Best Foot Forward Program to Support Flight Departments Through Outplacement Process

Jenny Showalter | July 8, 2020

Aviation Personnel International (API) is a business aviation recruiting supporting Part 91 corporate flight departments. API assists flight department teams with their hiring needs, while shaping the careers of aviation professionals. In addition, API has the ability to support flight departments experiencing a reduction in force or layoffs through its outplacement program, Your Best Foot Forward™, and now has the ability to present this content virtually. Currently, API is assisting a couple flight department partners through the outplacement process while projects on the placement side are slowly beginning to increase. The majority of API’s Part 91 client base reports that retaining assets and employees are high priorities during this time of uncertainty. Our clients anticipate an increase in aircraft utilization once it is deemed safe to resume travel. With personal health and safety dictating decision making now more than ever, API feels that the business aviation will see a much faster rebound than other segments of the industry.

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