Florida Aviation Business Association
Serving the General Aviation and Business Aviation Community Since 1946


Our Association consistently needs to generate revenue to meet the budget demands necessary to continue advocating for our industry in the state of Florida.

The best way to do that is to grow our membership and we need your help!

We are asking that all of our members help us in our cause by reaching out and personally contacting any non-member aviation businesses you may know and have relationships with to let them know what our organization is all about. Firsthand experience as a member is the best testimonial there is.

This membership initiative is imperative and we can't do it without your involvement and support!

Florida is an Aviation State. It is important that our lawmakers understand the important role of aviation in Florida, and that aviation is a facilitator to all other industries and to the future of the state. We need the funding to continue our efforts that have not only brought about significant changes over the years, including the recent legislative success in the passing of the FABA-written and sponsored mechanic's lien law bill, but to fund FABA's continued efforts to promote the aviation sales tax repeal and other issues. We will be driving this and other initiatives through our lobbyist and Legislative Committee in the upcoming year.

It is our hope that you will consider contributing to the effort to help FABA reach this goal and succeed in these endeavors by promoting membership in your organization.