Florida Aviation Business Association
Serving the General Aviation and Business Aviation Community Since 1946

Mission Statement
The Florida Aviation Business Association's mission is to engage, educate, and support the association's diverse membership of businesses, airports, and industry stakeholders and to promote, protect, and advocate for general and business aviation in the State of Florida.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be recognized through effective advocacy, regular public outreach, and consistent membership support as the leading information resource, principal promoter, and lead legislative advocate of general and business aviation in the State of Florida.


Florida's Aviation Future Is Being Decided in Tallahassee
There are challenges facing general aviation and each legislative session offers the aviation community the opportunity to be heard. Many special interest groups contribute to Legislative candidates. Not all are pro-aviation and we need to ensure that general aviation is protected and allowed to grow and prosper in Florida.

We Cannot Be Silent! The Aviation Industry Must Come Together and Make Sure Our Voices are Heard!
Recent events have caused Legislators to take a closer look at the general aviation industry. Attempts could be made by state Legislators to force stricter security measures at airports and businesses at airports, funds needed at airports may be diverted to other transportation needs and other action taken that will negatively affect general aviation.