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Wednesday, 22 October 2014 14:37

Why Are You Reading This?

Written by Jenny Showalter
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Jenny Showalter PhotoThe written word is a funny thing. When you write something, no matter how it was intended, your words are open to the personal interpretation of the reader. Once written, the tone, intent and ultimate message of the words are beyond the author’s control. Take the title of this article as an example. What was my intent when I wrote “Why are you reading this?” Did I mean to sound critical of your reading selection? To find out if you thought we picked a pretty picture for the cover? Or maybe I meant it in a thought-provoking way? Like, what was it about this magazine that inspired you to pick it up, open the pages and read at least this far?

Truth be told it was a little bit of all of those reasons rolled into my seemingly simple question. Do you know what it takes to put together a magazine? The amount of effort, coordination and time it takes to solicit for, write, read and proof a magazine is something that I never fully understood until I did it! Writing and editing magazines has also taught me that when gazing at the written word for hours on end, glasses are becoming my friend.

Let’s get back to the question at hand. Why are you reading this? I’m hopeful that the answer lies in your desire to learn about, support and protect FABA’s mission.

FABA is “A member organization comprised of general aviation related businesses and interested parties, advocating and combining resources on issues impacting aviation in the State of Florida.” We are a “group effort!” Together, we are able to accomplish more, raise our voices louder, and effect change in ways that we cannot do alone. What is the key ingredient for FABA’s success? One-word…MEMBERS!

If you are reading this issue of Florida Aviation Business, chances are you are a current FABA member, possibly a former member with a lapsed membership, or someone who found our magazine interesting enough to pick up and read (So maybe it really was the pretty cover after all?!). To those current members I say, “Thank you!” I sincerely hope that you feel that you receive value for your membership. If you don’t, or aren’t sure, I invite you to call me to discuss further at 321- 383-9662. And please, spread the word about FABA to everyone you know! Our members are the best resource for growing FABA.

Perhaps you are seeing this as a lapsed member on the fence about rejoining, but still looking for a good read? If this is the case, let me point out that if you found this magazine interesting enough to spend your time reading, perhaps it is time to renew your FABA membership and commit to support our team again. Learn more about renewing your membership by visiting our website at www.faba.aero. If you happened upon this publication by chance, I’m glad you’ve taken the time to read it! I hope you find our editorials interesting and have learned something beneficial about FABA and aviation in Florida. Please email me personally at jenny@faba.aero with any comments or questions about our association.

So now it’s your turn to examine my question. Why are you reading this? In closing, I’ll be bold enough to pose a second question: What are you going to do about it? I hope your answer is to JOIN FABA!

Jenny Showalter
FABA Executive Director

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