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Tuesday, 06 October 2015 18:41

The Next Leg of the Journey

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Now that Past President, Deric Dymerski has turned over the controls and moved into the back seat, it’s time to get on to planning the next leg of the FABA journey.

Flight planning is one of the most important aspects of any safe flight. Determining the destination, understanding the performance of the aircraft, determining how much fuel will be needed, checking the weather and other factors that might affect the flight all come into a good flight plan.

That is really where we are now as an organization. With Deric at the controls, we made it safely through that line of thunderstorms a few years back and now we are free to plan the next leg in just about any direction we choose.

So where do we want to go? At this year’s annual conference it was clear that there are several key waypoints that you, the members, want to see us visit on the way to success.

1. The aircraft sales tax exemption bill,

2. The creation of a GA Caucus in the Florida Legislature, and

3. The continued growth and diversification of the FABA membership

How are we going to get there and what will we need along the way? On waypoint #1, Jenny Showalter and Eric Prutsman are taking the lead by creating a working group to strategize on our approach to the aircraft sales tax exemption bill for 2016. For waypoint #2 Jenny is spearheading our partnership with national organizations such and AOPA, NBAA and NATA to kick-off a GA Caucus in Tallahassee with the right founding members on board. When it comes to waypoint #3, growing the Membership, a new committee has been formed. With Board representation from Bill Hudgens and committee level leadership from Josh Dietrick we are following up on the membership leads you all provided at the annual conference.

What kind of weather might we encounter? As we talked about at the conference, our sales tax bill ran into some serious headwinds earlier this year. The Florida Department of Revenue placed a $35M price tag on our bill. With that as well as other tax/revenue issues for the state that came along, our bill ran low on fuel and we had to divert. This year, to ensure we have enough fuel in the tanks we have commissioned an Economic Impact Study to be completed by Fishkind and Associates over the next 60 days. This study will allow us to tell our side of the story and emphasize the economic benefits that the State would see from passing our bill. To fund this additional fuel for the next leg, FABA needs your help. We need to raise $20K to pay for the Economic Impact Study. Some big supporters have already stepped forward, however we still need more help. If you are interested in contributing to or participating in the study, please visit our web site at www.FABA.aero/donations or contact Jenny@FABA.aero.

Mike French
Mike French

This journey simply would not be possible without Jenny Showalter, our Executive Director and your Board of Directors. I can’t say enough about all of the hard work that Jenny is doing on your behalf. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and detail oriented aviation professional on our team. Thank You Jenny. In addition, we have a great Board of Directors who are stepping up and leading sub-committees to move us forward in important areas.

In summary, the skies are clear, if not a little windy. We have the right crew with Jenny, the Board, our Members and our Partner Organizations. We are busily concluding our plans for the next leg of the journey and heading out to the ramp to get in the plane. Please come along for the ride or follow our progress via the Newswire.

Mike French
FABA President

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