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Session 2012

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Every legislative session is different. Unlike the previous three years that have been dominated by budget deficit issues, the 2012 Legislative Session will be characterized by one word: reapportionment. All 160 legislative districts must undergo a once-a-decade mandatory review required by the Florida Constitution to accommodate the results of the latest census.
I love aviation. It’s exciting; it’s an industry of travel and exploration and let’s not forget, it’s sexy.
In June of this year, the NTSB revealed its “2011 Most Wanted List”—what the NTSB calls “the most critical changes needed to reduce transportation accidents and save lives.” As aviators and aviation businesses, this is an important list to keep an eye on because it typically gives us a glimpse of where we can expect to see tougher regulations in the future.

Now is the time to mark your calendars for the 66th Annual Conference, Trade Show, and Charity Golf Tournament—June 11-13, 2012. You won’t want to miss the great speaker line-up or the spectacular venue.

As this and every year draws to a close (and I just got used to writing 2011 in the date blank!), I try to sit and reflect, to give thanks for and rejoice in the lessons of the previous year, and particularly to thank those that have made an impact on me. Even during years as tumultuous as this one I have no trouble filling bucket after bucket with thanks.

The Vero Beach Municipal Airport sits on 1660 acres. The property includes seven miles of airfield pavement (runways and taxiways), over 800 runways and taxiway lights, and 100 lighted airfield signs. The airport is the base for around 225 aircrafts and operates about 170,000 take-offs and landings per year. It is home to three full-service FBOs and several smaller FBOs.
Vero Beach, Fla. – Piper Aircraft has contributed to Florida’s economy and culture in significant ways since opening business in the state in 1957. Over the years the company closed all of its other manufacturing facilities and moved corporate headquarters, aircraft research and development, manufacturing operations, and jobs to Vero Beach.