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I appreciate this opportunity to introduce Alfa Aero’s concept of aviation as a ministry.

This is the attitude of many marketing professionals who have experienced and realized the tremendous value proposition and return on investment of aerial advertising.

Pilots N Paws, an online volunteer organization of small-plane pilots and rescuers, “sprouted wings” after Debi Boies, who had been in Doberman Rescue for several years in South Caro lina, sent out an e-mail to her friends to see if any of them were, by chance, making a trip from Florida to the Carolinas.

Meet Keith Covington, one of the thou sands of pilots throughout the country employed in a news-gathering - capacity.

Ask they’ll such an unforgettable experience. Like me, for instance.

Brevard County, Florida is located in east central Florida. The county is 1,557 square miles—22 miles wide and 72 miles long.

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is responsible for protecting Florida’s people and natural resources. Its Division of Law Enforcement is an integral part of the agency and bases its efforts on three specific core missions—public safety, resource protection, and boating enforcement.

Those of you who regularly read our magazine are involved in aviation and know how important aviation and the local airports are to your community, state, and our nation, but what about your neighbors, local businesses, and government officials? Do these people know how important general aviation is and in how many ways aviation and airports impact their day-to-day lives?

Governor Rick Scott wasted no time as he began his four-year term as Florida’s 45th Governor on January 4, 2010, issuing executive orders suspending all rulemaking by state agencies until each rule can be reviewed for its fiscal impact on the private sector, and requiring state agencies to check the immigration status and job eligibility of state employees and contractors. He also made good on his campaign promise to sell the state’s executive jet (a Cessna Citation Bravo) and eliminate the state’s aircraft pool maintained by the Department of Management Services.

As we roll into 2011, I cannot help but be optimistic about the year ahead. We’ve arguably come through one of the toughest two-year downturns in aviation history. The fact that you received or picked up this magazine today most likely means you or your business has survived, though unfortunately many did not.