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The day beckoned blue and breezy out on the tarmac, and most pilots and passengers had already checked it out by the time they huddled at Showalter Flying Service to hear the pitch.

Embry-Riddle student Yann Bosch, a junior attending the Daytona Beach Campus, is the first recipient of a $25,000 scholarship established by the Citation Jet Pilots (CJP) Owner Pilot Association. Yann is also the proud recipient of the FABA/Eastern Aviation Fuels Gary Steele Scholarship for this year. Two in one year—go Yann!

Aviation technology is an area in which change comes almost daily. At any given moment, evolution takes place and regulations are modified and/or added in which aircraft owners are expected to comply. Are these changes for our best?

Snakes and planes and employees and lawsuits, oh my! If you are responsible for a business that consists of more than just yourself (and seriously, if it’s just you, how do you have time to read this article?), then the vast legal and level-headed wisdom of Samuel L. Jackson (not to be confused with Laurence Fishburne) might just save you a few headaches.

Tax cuts of $500 million. That’s the Governor’s number-one goalgoal for the 2014 Legislative Session. Whether the Legislature decides to deliver a half-billion dollars in tax cuts is a good question, but there is no question that the issue of eliminating or reducing taxes is on the table.

It was 1979—the general aviation industry was booming! Aircraft manufacturers were building, and pilots and businesses were buying small aircraft at an ever increasing rate. Almost 18,000 aircraft were built in 1978, which was a new historical record!

First, I would like to start by giving a big shout out to your FABA board! We have all rolled up our sleeves since Paula Raeburn delivered the news that she had decided to retire and move north to better take care of her aged father.

I did it. I nailed my first full instrument approach in real IMC. Not since that first solo have I felt so proud and accomplished. We were in and out of clouds and rain for most of the trip, and the ceilings were fairly low at home.