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It’s time for the 2013 Legislative Session. Legislators have been elected. Committees have been appointed. The Legislature is in Session as you read this.
Even as other manufacturers were retrenching because of the global recession started in 2008, Embraer has been investing worldwide bringing to fruition its goal to take its place in the pantheon of global aviation and aerospace companies.
Naples Municipal Airport traces its history to World War II, when the Naples Airdrome opened in 1943 to serve as an Air Corps combat-training base for gunners, bomber crews, and fighter pilots. After the war ended, local governments took control of the field.
We departed Ahmedadbad, India (VAAH) with “NO AVGAS” as reported by the airport manager and we’re off to Nagpur, India (VANP) where fuel had been reported. After fueling in Nagpur and a night sleeping in the Mooney, we were off to Kolkata, India (VECC). Our arrival into Kolkata proved the need for patience and six copies of all documents with a sealed aircraft by customs before we deemed no threat to the population of India.
The United States Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently released Advisory Circular Number 150/5200-33C (AC-33C) on the subject of “hazardous wildlife attractants on or near airports.” The stated purpose of AC-33C is to provide guidance on various land uses that may attract hazardous wildlife directly on or near a public use airport. Incompatible land development surrounding airports has been an issue of concern that has received more attention as accidents involving wildlife have become more visible.


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I love old stuff. Just can’t help it really; old airplanes, cars, and boats, old houses and books. I am fascinated by history and the artifacts left in its wake. One of the reasons that I so love going to airshows, particularly the prestigious meets like AirVenture and Sun ‘n’ Fun, is so I can salivate over the warbirds and the classics. Seeing a P-51 Mustang fresh out of restoration, like the one I encountered in Oshkosh this past summer, stirs in me a massive appreciation for the machine and the people who built, flew, and maintained them in wartime. Walking up to a gleaming Beech Staggerwing, like the one brought to NBAA this year, causes me to think about the executives who climbed into the back seat and the trailblazing pilots who flew these airplanes in the formative years of business aviation. I have talked with countless owners of such airplanes over the years and to a person they proclaim to not own them, but only to be their temporary caretakers.