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Sandy ShowalterChange is the one constant in life. We’ve all heard the saying, and for the most part I think it is a pretty handy sentence. Certainly as I watch my two boys grow up I can see a lot of truth in it; one week I am worried that the oldest isn’t eating enough, the next I am buying Whole Foods out of his new favorite brand of chicken fingers.

Two years ago, Bill Inglis faced a career-altering decision. For more than a decade, he’d worked as a flight instructor for SimCom, but in 2010, the company moved their Vero Beach facility to Orlando. SimCom offered to transfer Inglis—who was the training center manager—but instead he chose to stay and open his own flight school, Legacy Flight Training.

Jim Coyne“Jim Coyne, as a former Congressman, opened doors and pathways that NATA had never been given previous access. His genuine passion for aviation and the many advances that NATA was able to accomplish were enabled and enhanced by Jim's dedication to his work”!

India was surreal with drivers maneuvering through any open space with a total disregard for which side of the road they were driving on. It seemed every driver was honking. Cows were meandering in the road or basking in the sun on the sides of roads.

Do you remember the year 1982? America tuned in every Friday night to see what J.R. Ewing was up to on Dallas, and Olivia Newton-John's Physical topped the music charts. A gallon of gas cost just $1.30, and a first-class postage stamp set you back twenty cents. Ronald Reagan was in the White House, and E.T. was phoning home. 1982 was also the year that Paul “Mac” Langston and his wife, Carmen, founded Flightline Group in Tallahassee.

Did you realize that not getting paid can be a crime? It is, or can be, perhaps more so than you realize. However, not getting paid for your hard work may be only part of your problems. You may also be violating state criminal law!

It’s no surprise that with election season in full-swing, there has been little talk of the 2013 Session, with the exception that expectations are high for a brighter economic picture.