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President Trump and Congress late last week announced an agreement to end the partial government shutdown, with affected portions scheduled to be reopened through Feb. 15. During this period, House and Senate negotiators will continue work on border security issues and a 2019 Homeland Security spending bill.

You’ve taken the big step and decided to launch the flight training program you have longed to commence. Now comes the big question: Who should you trust with your training?

The FltPlan Pilots’ Choice winners are in and several FABA members have been recognized.

Once you’ve flown a general aviation airplane to the Bahamas, you start counting down the days until you can return.

The structures zipping together the barbs in bird feathers could provide a model for new adhesives and new aerospace materials, according to a new study. Researchers 3D printed models of the structures to better understand their properties.

An alphabet soup of nearly every major association, union and advocacy group in the aviation industry has come together to urge end the partial government shutdown that has furloughed government workers for 32 days as of Wednesday. AIA, AOPA, GAMA, NBAA, NATCA, HAI, IATA, AUVSI and ATCA.

As the shutdown of the federal government enters its fourth week, NATA released a Member alert highlighting the toll the shutdown is having on the aviation industry.

As the government shutdown enters its second month and the nation’s air traffic controllers are set to receive their second zero-dollar paycheck in a row, some find themselves stuck between a sense of duty to keep the skies safe and the economic realities of paying the bills and putting food on the table.

What if you could boost the general aviation pilot population and open career doors for aspiring pilots while knowing that every dollar you donate will have double its usual impact? Ray Foundation offers $2 million in matching funds.

Aviation is a thrilling and vastly appealing profession. With job opportunities ranging from flying a helicopter to working in air traffic control, the field encompasses a wide range of interests and exciting challenges. Even this fantastic a career has its drawbacks, any degree in the field comes with a fairly substantial tab to cover lab fees and flight costs.

Piper Aircraft, Inc. and its Community Outreach Committee are pleased to announce the availability of two scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year. Each year, educational scholarships impact the community by providing financial support for students to pursue higher education.

Research has implications for aircraft, power transmission lines and more. Icy weather is blamed for multi-billion dollar losses every year in the United States, including delays and damage related to air travel, infrastructure and power generation and transmission facilities. Now researchers have reported creating a durable silicone polymer coating capable of repelling ice from any surface.

Today, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and numerous aviation groups sent a joint letter to President Trump and Congressional leaders outlining the negative effects of the government shutdown on the industry, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 

The Florida Aviation Business Association (FABA) and the Gaetz Aerospace Institute at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) have joined forces to provided high school students with an opportunity to explore careers available within the aviation/aerospace industry.

As it has become an anticipated annual event at the Boca Raton Airport, the Wings of Freedom living museum tour will be flying into to BCT to showcase an amazing experience and a prized collection of rare bomber and fighter aircraft.

As the federal government shutdown stretches on, its effects on the nation's aviation system are in the spotlight. Of course, there are the long lines reported at airport security checkpoints and concerns that they might get worse in the coming days.

The first generation of jet aircraft during World War II involved a nearly universal rush to produce a viable fast fighter aircraft. Germany’s Me 262, America’s P-59 — and more operationally suitable P-80 — and England’s Gloster Meteor all had the fighter mission as primary when they were designed.

Aviation experts and zoologists have provided new insights into how gulls configure their wing shape -- known as wing morphing -- to stabilize their flight. The findings could be used to design more efficient flying vehicles, including soaring drones for farming or environmental monitoring.

Regional air carriers, major airlines, and other aviation businesses are responding to Boeing Co.’s prediction for "significant" pilot demand through 2037 by offering pathway programs that coach, mentor, and empower career aviators toward full-time aviation careers.

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport hosted Fly Pink to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention and help improve the lives of Fort Lauderdale employees and airport tenants.

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