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World Speed Record Attempt Back on Track

Harrelson, a retired American Airlines pilot, was in Indonesia less than 24 hours after completing a 32-hour flight from Hawaii.

Harrelson is trying to complete the entire trip in less than nine days. If he makes it back to Southern California before December 17 at 5:33 p.m. local time, he’ll best legendary endurance flier Max Conrad’s 58-year-old mark for airplanes in their weight class.

From South Africa, Harrelson plans to fly nonstop to Puerto Rico. His final leg will be a relatively short trip of 18 flight hours to Ontario, California, where his world record attempt began.

Harrelson’s attempt to beat Conrad’s record was bedeviled by early setbacks. He started in Florida on December 5 and made an unscheduled stop in Texas, then continued toward Hawaii but was twice forced to turn back to California: once for an ignition problem causing the Lancair IV’s Continental IO-550 engine to run rough, and again when the airplane’s long-range radio malfunctioned. READ MORE (AOPA)