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Why Icons Come to Grief

Even before the first Icon A5acciident, veteran pilots predicted the sleek amphibian would have a terrible safety record.

Slick, amped-up marketing videos aimed at youthful “power sports” enthusiasts showed A5s maneuvering at low altitude and flying in tight formation. The company boasted that a large percentage of its depositors were people who didn’t yet hold pilot certificates. And, since the Icon A5 is a light sport aircraft, they needed to obtain only sport pilot certificates that require half as much flying time as private pilot certificates.

Icon has now delivered slightly more than 100 airplanes—and pilots’ initial concerns seem to have been borne out. Two A5s have been lost in fatal accidents, and at least four more were destroyed in nonfatal ones. Those who anticipated a tragic mix of inexperienced pilots flying on and off the water in the unforgiving, highly dynamic, low-altitude environment were quick to pile on and say they told us so.

But a closer look at Icon accidents shows the truth isn’t so tidy. READ MORE (AOPA)