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What Happens When a Drone Crashes Into Your Face?

An 18-month-long study attempts to find out. The vision of a drone-filled future involves tiny buzzing pieces of plastic and lithium-ion filling the skies above us. But for that vision to be realized, companies need to make sure a plummeting drone won't cause a horrific injury to innocent passersby below. So what actually happens when a drone collides with a human?

It’s a question that the Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE) has sought to answer with an 18 month-long study. Led by the University of Alabama, Hunstville along with Mississippi State University, The National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University and several others, ASSURE’s Phase II Ground Collision study looked at potential injuries arising from collisions between small unmanned aircraft systems (aka consumer drones) and people. READ MORE (Popular Mechanics)