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Water Wings: Get a Seaplane Rating and Fly Solo in This Club's SeaRey

How can a pilot be overdressed in jeans and sneakers? When the airplane you are about to fly is a Progressive Aerodyne SeaRey. Shorts and water shoes are more appropriate gear for the SeaRey, especially when you’re in Florida. If you want to beach the SeaRey on a lakeshore, then you’re ready for anything. But don’t wear flip flops. Those can come off in the water.

This SeaRey—N836SR—belongs to the Flying Fish No Limits Flying Club in Lakeland, Florida. Flying Fish will train you to get a single-engine seaplane rating—but so can hundreds of other flight schools. The difference here is that unlike those other flight schools, you can fly this amphibious light sport aircraft solo after a checkout if you become a member of the club.

And you will wish Flying Fish had a location closer to you after you fly the SeaRey. Currently the club has locations in Lakeland and St. Louis, Missouri. Flying Fish President Chris Hinote says he plans to open more sites in the future. READ MORE