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Top BasicMed renewal questions answered

For pilots who started flying under BasicMed when it launched in the spring of 2017, it's almost time to complete the 24-calendar-month renewal of your medical education course. Here are answers to the top questions AOPA is receiving about the renewal process.

Question: What do I need to accomplish around the two-year expiration date of my BasicMed cycle in order to keep flying under this medical alternative?

Answer: At this point, you are only required to take the online medical education course. The BasicMed physical exam must be completed every 48 months (to the day), but the online education course is required to be completed every 24 calendar months (by the end of the twenty-fourth month). For example, if you completed the physical exam and the online course on May 15, 2017, your next physical exam would need to be accomplished by May 15, 2021, four years to the date after the first exam. Your online course completion would expire on May 31, 2019, 24 calendar months hence. So, the course would need to be retaken by the end of May in order to keep flying. READ MORE