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Those Lyin' Eyes

The Eagles sing an awesome tune called “Lyin’ Eyes” with lyrics that say, “I thought by now you’d realize, there ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes.” There is a natural tendency of the human brain to believe our “lyin’ eyes,” to believe what we want to be real and what we think is there, not what is truly there.Human factors experts who study these behaviors have another term for it, “expectation bias” (EB). Simply stated, expectation bias is when you believe and act on what you expect is real in spite of what the data says is “actually real.” More formally, psychologists define EB as a state of mind where your expectations about a condition or an outcome are so powerful that they influence your perceptions and your behavior. There’s nothing new here, and the temptation to believe your lyin’ eyes long predates the Eagles putting it to song. READ MORE