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The Future of Unleaded Avgas

In my January column I wrote that not all 100 octane fuels are the same. Now it has been reported that the 100UL avgas program has been more or less put on hold. The reasons given were technical problems and the change in administrations in Washington.

This begs the questions: “Why did the program go on in the first place?” and “Why would big oil companies put so much money into a program that may not go anywhere?”

The history of 100UL starts in the 1990s when there were several lawsuits brought in several West Coast states. The EPA started to outlaw 100LL, but the FAA stopped that on safety reasons. The compromise was that the FAA would work on a safe way to “get the lead out.” This started a long process of committees working to develop a 100 motor octane unleaded avgas replacement for 100LL. READ MORE (General Aviation News)