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Space Launches and General Aviation: AOPA Weighs in to Redraft the Rules

Among aviation groups there is a consensus that airspace safety will take a giant leap forward if the FAA brings commercial space ventures and traditional aviation together to address their shared concerns about the airspace system.

Fifty years after the Apollo 11 mission brought humans to the moon, space has become the realm of entrepreneurs and technology. AOPA and six other aviation groups believe an FAA proposal to streamline its space flight launch and reentry requirements provides a down-to-earth opportunity to protect “the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.”

The seven groups made their views known in a letter to Acting FAA Administrator Daniel K. Elwell in response to the FAA’s notice of a proposal to consolidate and review requirements “to obtain a vehicle operator license, the safety requirements, and the terms and conditions of a vehicle operator license.” AOPA also delved into details of the plan in formal comments submitted in July. READ MORE (AOPA)