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Seller Beware

Have you ever sold an airplane? If so, you know it is a remarkably loose transaction. In the days before the internet, you got hold of the carbon-less three-part form, wrote down a precious few details including the names of the buyer and seller, the buyer’s address, and the selling price (or $1.00 and OVC, which everyone knows means other valuable considerations). The seller signs it, and off it goes to the FAA via U.S. mail. Today it’s more sophisticated. Instead of driving or flying to your favorite FSDO to pick up those fancy carbon-less forms, you can now download AC Form 8050-2 as a fillable PDF. Using your fillable PDF viewer/editor, you type in everything but your signature, print it, and send a signed original to the FAA. (Snail-mail, of course.) The buyer keeps a copy in the airplane while he or she waits for the final paperwork. Read More