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Proposed Bill Would Effectively Eliminate Helicopter Tourism Nationwide

In the wake of a pair of deadly helicopter crashes in Hawaii, U.S. Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii) has introduced a bill designed to impose more stringent restrictions on aircrafts flying lower than 1,500 feet above ground level. 

Under the proposed legislation, entitled the “Safe and Quiet Skies Act,” the Federal Aviation Administration would be required to approve safety measures, including flying no lower than 1,500 feet above ground level; prohibiting flights over military installations, national cemeteries, national wilderness areas, national parks, and national wildlife refuges; and forbidding pilots to act as tour narrators while flying.

It would also require helicopters to have a noise signature no greater than 55 dBA during flights over any “occupied area,” be it commercial, residential, or recreational.

These restrictions would effectively end the helicopter tourism industry nationwide, since no certified helicopters would be able to meet these heightened standards. READ MORE