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Giving Back: A Purpose to be a Pilot

The dirt runway is much nicer than anticipated. It’s 4,200 feet long, well-groomed, and flanked by an asphalt shoulder and ramp. Even the restroom buildings are remarkable—two well-built and nicely appointed bathrooms that seem incongruous in this dusty brown desert environment.

However, there is no running water and the last occupants could not flush, so the modernity is marred by an odoriferous unpleasantness. It is the first of many contrasts that will mark this trip to San Quintín, Mexico. A band of pilots, doctors, dentists, hygienists, and nurses have stuffed themselves and equipment and supplies into a Piper Saratoga, Cherokee, a couple of Cessnas, and even a Grumman Tiger. They are flying from their suburban homes in Southern California, crossing the border into Mexico, and traveling to extract teeth, check blood pressure, provide solace, and teach children how to maintain their toothsome grins. READ MORE (AOPA)