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A Culture of Charitable Giving

Signature is proud to be a gateway to local communities, contributing both time and money to help their communities thrive. In 2018 alone, Signature Flight Support has donated more than $100,000 to local organizations because they believe in giving back.

Char Sig Fly

"We are proud to work with all our charitable partners, but this year a few stood out:"


FlyQuest conducts Aviation Fundamentals programs for schools and home school students, covering topics such as aerodynamics, aircraft systems, weather and aircrew discipline. FlyQuest provides scholarships that let students exchange community service for aviation training, benefiting both their local communities and their futures.

Ageless Aviation:

Ageless Aviation is a nonprofit that’s mission is “Giving back to those who have given.” They take veterans up in vintage aircraft, giving them a chance to recapture the feeling of soaring high above in a beautiful vintage plane.

Angel Flight:

Angel Flight is an organization that serves patients and their families who need to fly to reach their treatment. The arrange free transportation to medical facilities, doing their part to make a difficult time just a little bit easier. Pilots donate their time to take part in Angel Flight’s mission, giving back to those most in need in their local communities.

Able Flight:

Able Flight is a organization that provides scholarships and training to make it possible for paraplegics, quadriplegics, wounded and disabled veterans and others with physical disabilities to earn their pilot’s licenses.