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2019 Legislative Priorities to Keep Florida’s Airports Soaring

The Florida Airports Council serves as the voice for Florida’s airports now and into the future. Our airports accommodate more than 176 million passengers annually from all over the globe, generating significant economic impact while creating more than 1.4 million jobs across the state. One of the Florida Airports Council’s top priorities is serving as a resource for state lawmakers when they are considering legislation that could affect Florida's airports or the residents and visitors that depend on them for travel and commerce.

2019 Legislative Priorities to Keep Florida’s Airports Soaring

Aviation Work Program State Funding for Airport Development Grant Program 
SUPPORTS state funding for airport development that is equal to or above what FDOT proposed in its Tentative Work Plan for 2019/20. These funds generate a strong return on investment for taxpayers and assist local governments and airport authorities in planning, constructing and maintaining aviation facilities across the state.

Reduction of Tax on Aircraft Sales and Leases 
SUPPORTS the reduction or elimination of the state’s sales tax on the sale or lease of all aircraft in the state of Florida. By reducing or eliminating this burdensome tax, Florida could generate tens of millions of dollars in economic growth and create hundreds of new jobs.

Aviation Fuel Taxes 
SUPPORTS a sustainable State Transportation Trust Fund and is committed to stable, reliable aviation revenue sources sufficient to provide for the increasing capital and development needs of Florida’s commercial and general aviation airports.
OPPOSES any further attempts to waive, reduce, or suspend existing aviation fuel taxes on a local or statewide basis.

Weapons in Airport Terminals 
OPPOSES any legislation that alters the areas of an airport in which a person is prohibited from openly carrying a handgun or from carrying a concealed weapon or firearm. FAC remains committed to identifying and implementing meaningful ways that airports can continue to provide a safe environment for the traveling public, airport tenants, and airport employees.

Florida State

Florida is home to 129 airports across the state. Each and every airport in Florida, regardless of size, provides that community’s access to the global economy. Florida’s airports must continue to be developed, improved, and expanded to meet the needs of tomorrow’s business environment.

The Florida Airports Council is committed to serving as a partner and a resource to our elected officials at the local, state, and national levels. If we can provide you with information or answer any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. READ MORE (FAC)